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Our terms of sale

1- Shipment.
Minimum of one europallet of 100 cases of 6x75cl OR 50 cases of 12x75cl OR 36 cases of 24×37,5cl.
Europallet size =1,20×0,80m. All pallets must be exchanged with carrier at time of loading. Otherwise we should have to charge each pallet at EUR 11,00 and EUR 14,50 for treated pallet.

2010 Incoterms: EX WORKS Beaune.
The buyer supports all risks loss and damages as soon as the goods are uplifted from our winery. Wines are shipped at his own risks. We disclaim all responsibility in case of quality spoiling during transport.

2- Packaging.
Case of 12x75cl bottles: net price.
Case of 6x75cl: net price.
Case of 6×1,5 l bottles: net price.
Case of 12×37,5 cl bottles: net price.

3- Bar Code.
On back labels only, add EUR 0,03 per bottle.
Size of back labels: 77mm (width) x 72 mm (height) / 75cl bottle.
Size of back labels:50 mm (width) x 58mm (height) / 37,5 cl bottle.

4- Payment.
30 days net after shipment, by bank transfer to our account as indicated on our invoice or:
CIC LB BEAUNE or by cheque (after prior approval).
0,5% discount is granted for payments on receipt of the invoice. Prices, quantities and vintages are subject to confirmation.