Burgundy grape varieties

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Burgundy’s grape varieties

Pinot noir

This varietal is renowned for its great red wines.
The bunches of grapes are small and compact and the fruit is purplish black in colour.
Its low yields result in great red wines that are complex, silky and well suited for cellaring. On the nose, Pinot Noir stands out for its very elegant and delicate aromas.
When the wine is young, it is typically redolent of fresh berries (blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry…), but when it is older it can also develop aromas and flavours of liquorice, leather, tobacco, mushroom and forest undergrowth.


This varietal is renowned for its great white wines.
Bunches of Chardonnay grapes are of average size, longer and looser and golden yellow in colour. This varietal boasts exceptionally rich aromas and flavours which yield excellent, highly sought-after firm, full wines with subtle, noble aromas such as fresh butter, hazelnut, roasted almond and toast.


With grapes that are bigger and more numerous than Chardonnay, Aligoté grapes produce aromatic, refreshing, fruity white wines with lovely vivacity on the palate. The wines from certain terroirs can express mineral notes.

For several years now we have been practising sustainable viticulture based on observations, prevention and respect for natural equilibriums. The grapes are selected upstream and special importance is given to selection of the best plots.

Work in the vineyard throughout the year